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Remote co-created journey mapping 

How well do you know their story? Creating a

life-changing service comes through a deep understanding of people. With this in mind, a friend and I explored a new, remote way of understanding the life experience of the people who use our service. 

Case Studies


Let's create a brighter future together!

I work with others to understand human needs, imagine how life could be better, and bring those experiences to life. I have always believed that no matter how great one designer is, life-changing innovation only happens from the efforts of a diverse team through a process grounded in understanding people. I enjoy learning and work best in an environment that supports growth and ownership. I love hearing about others' experiences in the design world so feel free to start up a discussion!

Hi, I'm Amber Swartz

I am a Service Designer with a UX Design background

What do systems, information architecture, policies, people, and processes all have in common with design? They combine to create the experiences members have with our service and often shape the experiences we have with one another. I never discovered so deep an understanding of the internal workings of an organization, as I have through this project. 

Replacing our payment system

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